Seminar: A Precision Approach to Alzheimer’s

Stephen Harlin, M.D. FACS
The Harlin Center for Precision Medicine will present: A Precision Medicine Approach to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

A clinical application involves three key steps: 1) A genetic risk screening for the presence of specific mutations identified in gene-wide association (GWA) studies as playing a pathogenic role. 2) Detection of disease-associated abnormalities as early as possible (even preceding symptoms). 3) Prescription of explicit health-promoting interventions aimed at an individual’s molecular drivers of disease.

Open House Honoring Veterans and Military

The Roskamp Institute will be hosting its annual Open House honoring veterans and military personnel on November 10.
This event, which is open to the public, will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m showcasing Institute research and clinical programs of particular relevance to veterans and military personnel.

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Dr. Cheryl Brandi Discusses Aging

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Spotlight on Clinical Trials

Parkinson’s Disease: Spotlight on Clinical Trials – What You Need to Know. This webcast is an archive of the live telephone/web education program that was held on February 9, 2016.