We’d like to say thank you to all the veterans and supporters that showed up for our open house this year. We were absolutely blown away by the number of people engaging with our scientists and learning about our research projects. We hope you enjoyed talks on PTSD, Gulf War Illness, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Without your support we would not be able to do the work that we do.


Sandra Cinor from Neurology Clinical Trials stands proud with her free shirts available to Gulf War veterans for participating in research.

Information on ongoing clinical trials and research were available for takeaway throughout the event. For more information on clinical trials, visit the clinic website.


Open House attendees and scientists mingle during lunch in the cafeteria, where Institute staff continued to answer some tough questions from the visitors.

Cheryl Brandi, DNSc, APRN, seen here giving her talk on Alzheimer’s’ and clinical research being done at our Neurology Clinic. Cheryl is a Navy nurse veteran herself, and has been giving back to the community for over 15 years.

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