Researchers from The Roskamp Institute recently presented at the virtual International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) /Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) yearly conference. Our principal investigator, Dr. Laila Abdullah, presented our team’s research on the topic of “Sex-specific Plasma Lipid Profiles of CFS/ME Patients and Their Association with Pain, Fatigue, and Cognitive Symptoms.” This study showed that distinct blood lipid profiles in CFS/ME patients are influenced by sex. Future research studies will determine their use as blood markers for diagnosing CFS/ME. This study is now published in the Journal of Translational Medicine (


Dr. Aurore Nkiliza presented her project entitled: “Plasma Lipidomic Analyses in Cohorts with GWI reveal Lipids Differentially Associated with APOE genotype.” This study showed how blood lipids in veterans with Gulf War Illness (GWI) are influenced by genetic risk factors traditionally associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Our research assistant, Ms. Sarah Oberlin, presented her project entitled: “Sex-Specific differences in plasma lipid profiles are associated with Gulf War Illness.” This study showed that major lipid classes were predominantly affected in male Gulf War veterans with GWI compared to healthy male Gulf War veterans. These studies should help collectively understand factors that influence blood lipid profiles of Gulf War veterans and related diseases of chronic fatigue.

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